BG Daily Post – Dec 10, 2017

December 10 – Eye Opener (1950)

It is hard for us at times to understand the misfortunes that befall us when we are doing the very best we know how, to live right by both God and man.

It is only in times that try men’s soul that the soul develops and grows stronger. Like a muscle, it develops with hard work.

If you would produce an exceptional rose, you must prune the branch of every budding branch so that all the strength goes into the single bloom. It’s not what the bush would want, but it develops the perfection in the rose you desire.

Hazelden Foundation

December 10 — Big Book Quote

God alone can judge our sex situation. Counsel with other persons is often desirable, but we let God be the final judge. We realize that some people are as fanatical about sex as others are loose. We avoid hysterical thinking or advice.

Alcoholics Anonymous, PG. 69

December 10 — Walk In Dry Places
Good judgment.

All of our lives, many of us had to deal with “tempests in a teapot.” These were minor problems that we somehow magnified until they became disasters.

Some of us also took refuge in the bottle when faced with problems. Remembering this with some guilt, we may feel a responsibility today to deal with every problem efficiently and promptly. This feeling might also create unnecessary anxiety. We can easily get to the heart of such matters by asking ourselves, “How Important is it?” We might be making something far more important than it really is.

The importance of problems is revealed by our inability to remember what was upsetting us a week ago. Asking, “How important is it?” can be a useful test to avoid excessive worrying about any problem.

“I’ll take a responsibility attitude today, but I’ll watch myself for a tendency to go to pieces over things that really aren’t important in the long run.” — Mel B.
Hazelden Foundation

Stools & Bottles — Day Ten
Tenth Daily Reminder —

A “water over the dam” policy of dealing with our past drinking behavior is the only basis upon which we can rehabilitate ourselves. By living AA we learn how our drinking has affected the lives of others. We feel remorseful, but that does not repay the injury done. AA suggests that we amend it.

Daily Inventory —

Are we trying to rehabilitate our lives? Have we a list of the people whom we have harmed? Are we willing to make proper amends to them?

Suggested Meditation —

Yes, we are trying to rebuild our lives to conform with 12 Step principles and to live in contented sobriety, but not at the expense of others. Live and let live — that is our motto. The water over the dam is forgotten, but not the injury done. We need forgiveness to recover from our illness. To accept it without return defies all spiritual law and threatens our sobriety. Amends are good for our conscience.

Spiritual Contact —

Our Father, forgive us the harm we have done to others. May we become forgiving. Fortify our minds with willingness to make proper amends.

Daily Physical Audit —

From medical science we learn that the main causes of death are related to our blood and its circulation. Heart trouble ranks high under this category. Alcoholics are not exceptions to the rule. Many members die needlessly because they ignore the warning symptoms of heart trouble and treat it too late. Pain and numbness in the arms, fatigue, labored breathing after mild exercise, heartburn and water in the tissues are symptoms our doctors should diagnose.

Hazelden Foundation


Author: Bryan B

New writer and blogger.

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