BG Daily Post — Oct 14, 2019

Oct 14 – Eye Opener (1950)

The bootleggers in Prohibition days devised the very worst tasting concoction ever devised by man, added alcohol to it and sold it to us and we drank it.

Remember the routine? First we would shudder from stem to stern; then hold our breath and throw it down; then we would cough and choke nearly to death and after wiping our chins we’d say, “Damn, that’s good!”

If you could sell yourself that kind of a story, selling yourself on the idea that you don’t have to drink should be a cinch.

Hazelden Foundation

Oct 14 — Big Book Quote

“In our belief any scheme of combating alcoholism which proposes to shield the sick man from temptation is doomed to failure. If the alcoholic tries to shield himself he may succeed for a time, but he usually winds up with a bigger explosion than ever. We have tried these methods. These attempts to do the impossible have always failed.”

Alcoholics Anonymous, PG 101

Walk In Dry Places — October 14

Though it comes without a price, the sharing we undertake in the AA program has value without limits. When we share our experience, strength, and hope with others, we become both teachers and friends.

Sometimes we are led to believe that we should share our material goods with others, but all we learn is that this often fails to help anyone. Such sharing is not wrong, but it can be misused and misdirected.

In the form of sharing we practice, there can be only gain for all involved in the exchange. Our sharing of personal experience may be just what another person needs at the time. What also matters is that we need it and can benefit from it.

True sharing of this kid is one of the great secrets of AA’s success. If our program isn’t working well, perhaps we should do more of this sharing.

“I’ll seek to share my true feelings with others today, in the hope that this will help all of us.”

Hazelden Foundation

Stools & Bottles — Day 14
Fourteenth Daily Reminder —

Many of us have stumbled over the term spiritual awakening. By confusing AA with organized religion, we have encountered trouble with the spiritual angle. By trying to define God and to interpret AA according to religious creeds, we have experienced frustration and ineffectual AA living.

Daily Inventory —

Are the objectives of AA and organized religion the same? Is our objective to save souls? Are there signs which identify a spiritual awakening?

Suggested Meditation —

AA offers a 24-hour program borrowed from medicine, religion and psychology by which we arrest alcoholism, an incurable illness. It utilizes physical, mental and spiritual help to maintain 24-hour periods of contented sobriety. It suggests a daily contact with God as we understand Him. AA is not a religion. We see in honesty, sobriety, forgiveness, amends and love signs of a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Contact —

Our Father, we recognize the latent spiritual power within us and ask Your help to develop it. Awaken us to our spiritual possibilities.

Daily Physical Audit —

There is no written tests to pass in AA. How we recover is a matter of our own choice. We may either sink or swim. But swimming requires good physical health. So does satisfactory recovery from alcoholism. We ought to recognize this fact and live to improve the quality of our health and thus enjoy life to its full capacity. AA members are most effective when in good physical condition.

Hazelden Foundation


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New writer and blogger.

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